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What is BTCPay Server

BTCPayer Server is an open-source project, not a company. We rely on a network of diverse contributors and users to provide support for numerous use-cases. Join us in improving, learning, and building BTCPay.


The payment server does not need to know your private keys, so your money can’t be stolen.


A user-friendly Bitcoin checkout page for your customers.


Manage, generate reports, and search for your invoices easily.

Save Deploy Costs & Time (option)

Self-hosting BTCPay Server costs around $ 50. Reduce costs with MerkleSig.

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All in one BTCPay


  • No Limit Store
  • No Limit App
  • No KYC
  • No Fees
  • Very Good Performance
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All in one BTCPay


  • No Limit Store
  • No Limit App
  • No KYC
  • No Fees
  • Very Good Performance
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Point of Sale

The web-based PoS app allows users with brick and mortar stores to readily accept cryptocurrencies without fees or a third-party, directly to their wallet.

Custom Integration

BTCPay implements the same API as Bitpay for creating and managing invoices.
Migrating from BitPay to BTCPay normally is as easy as changing a URL.
While Bitpay only allows one account for one merchant, BTCPay allows a user to manage multiple stores.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most significant advantage of BTCPay over other processors is that it is entirely free and open-source, non-custodial software, created by the community. While most of the other processors hold your Bitcoins, BTCPay allows you to receive payments P2P, directly to your software or hardware wallet.

BTCPay is a self-hosted software. This means that you are your own payment processor. There are no subscriptions, no transaction fees. There’s no third-party involvement which significantly increases the censorship-resistance, privacy, and security for you and your customers. Furthermore, BTCPay enables you to become a processor yourself, so that you can offer different packages and help spread the adoption locally or globally.

With BTCPay, you are your own bank.

The community is excited about BTCPay and often recommends it to merchants or content creators because it offers a direct way for store-owners and charities to receive Bitcoin payments, which significantly improves the privacy of the customers/donors.

BTCPay doesn’t compromise on censorship-resistance, which is one of the main features of Bitcoin. Besides that, being free and open-source it gives an excellent opportunity for developers to build things and integrations on top of BTCPay.

BTCPay server is a feature-rich software with plenty of use-cases that can solve problems for different types of users. Merchants, content creators, lightning network users, exchanges, hosting providers and many others can find it useful. See the Use Case page for detailed breakdown of BTCPay use-cases.

Re-using the address for receiving payments is a privacy issue. Providing a different address manually to each customer is not an optimal solution. Imagine having to send an e-mail to everyone that wants to pay you with cryptocurrency.

BTCPay solves the address re-use and automates the checkout process. The software is a complete, automated invoicing system. It integrates into your checkout process, and customers can pay you in Bitcoin or altcoins in a few clicks.

After the payment, the software notifies your store that the order has been paid/completed. Depending on the e-commerce software you’re using, it can also change the order status. All you have to worry about is getting items shipped, leave the invoicing and payment processing to BTCPay.

Absolutely not. The fact that BTCPay Server never needs access to your master private key for on-chain transactions is a huge security advantage. Even if your server gets hacked, your funds from the on-chain transactions are always safe. Securing your on-chain funds comes down to securing your wallet.

If you have a lightning node, BTCPay technically has access to the keys (macarons) of your LN.

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